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Korg Keystage Polyphonic Aftertouch controller keyboard available

Korg has announced its new controller keyboard featuring a full MIDI 2.0 experience with Polyphonic Aftertouch and MPE. The

Keystage is available in either 49 or 61 key varieties sporting Korg’s semi-weighted Polytouch keyboard, which is velocity sensitive and can handle both channel and polyphonic aftertouch depending on what the user desires.

Controllers include a pitch bend and modulation wheel, eight parameter control knobs, plus other buttons which can control connected gear/DAWs etc.

The built-in OLED screen provides instant feedback of parameter changes. There’s a powerful arpeggiator, chord modes, integrated audio interface, and official integration with Ableton Live (of course).

Of course the full benefits of this controller will only be felt when connected to other MIDI 2.0 compliant gear. When using compatible software, Keystage automatically assigns parameters and displays their names on the OLED screen.

Keystage’s arpeggiator is extraordinarily powerful and offers features that go well beyond what any other MIDI Keyboard out there has to offer. The vast selection of patterns is complemented with unparalleled customisation options including aftertouch-trigged ratchets, randomization, gating, and more.

Keystage’s chord mode benefits from a suite of ready-to-use inspiring 32 chord sets. These can be used out-of-the-box, or fully customized and saved into any of the extra 32 user set slots. Because each set can have one chord assigned to each chromatic note of an octave, you can be sure you won’t run out of chords! Chords can even be replayed in different ways, including a strumming mode for realistic guitar-like playing.



  • Keystage-49: Polytouch keyboard*, 49 keys
  • Keystage-61: Polytouch keyboard*, 61 keys
  • Features velocity sensitivity, aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch
  • Velocity curves: 21 (—10–0–+10)
  • Octave range: 7 (—3–0–+3)


  • Pitch bend wheel,
  • modulation wheel,
  • parameter control knobs × 8
  • VOLUME knob,
  • SETTINGS button,
  • WRITE button,
  • EXIT button,
  • SHIFT button,
  • ARP button,
  • CHORD button,
  • VALUE ^/ buttons,
  • VALUE dial,
  • PAGE —/+ buttons,
  • transport buttons,
  • TEMPO button,
  • OCTAVE —/+ buttons


  • Main display: organic EL (electro-luminescence) display
  • Sub display: organic EL displays × 8


  • No. of scenes: 16


  • Arpeggio rhythm patterns: 20

Chord Mode

  • Preset chord sets: 32
  • User chord sets: 32

Input/output jacks and ports

  • USB port,
  • MIDI (IN, OUT connectors),
  • EXPRESSION jack,
  • DAMPER jack,
  • AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R jacks),
  • headphone jack

Audio output

  • AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R): 6.3 mm TS phone jack (unbalanced) 
  • Headphones: 6.3 mm stereo phone jack

Control inputs

  • DAMPER (half-damper supported) 


  • IN, OUT


  • Type B 
  • MIDI/audio interface
  • MIDI: 1 in/1 out
  • Audio: 2 ch out 
  • Audio format: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit

Power supply

  • USB bus power or AC adapter (9 V DC, : Korg KA350, sold separately) 

Power consumption

  • 5 V/500 mA or less (when powered via USB)
  • 4 W (when using an AC adapter)

Dimensions (W × D × H)

  • Keystage-49: 814 × 234 × 82 mm/32.05 ? × 9.21 ? × 3.23 ? 
  • Keystage-61: 979 × 234 × 82 mm/38.54 ? × 9.21 ? × 3.23 ?


  • Keystage-49: 4.2 kg/9.26 lb. 
  • Keystage-61: 5.0 kg/11.02 lb.

Included items

  • USB cable (Type A-Type B), expansion plate, Quick Start Guide, Precautions

Accessories (sold separately)

  • Volume/expression pedal (XVP-20) 
  • Foot controller (EXP-2) 
  • Damper pedal (DS-1H) 
  • Pedal switch (PS-1, PS-3) 
  • AC adapter (KA350)

See the product page for more information. Pricing to be confirmed.