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KORG KR-11 compact rhythm box launched

Based on the KORG Doncamatic of 1963, KORG introduces its KR-11 rhythm box, designed to be compact and simple, offering a fun way to practice and play music anywhere.

Key features include:

  • Loads of rhythm patterns, matching any genre
  • Customization: Edit any pattern and save up to 14 extra user patterns
  • Intuitive and easy control: Just choose your preferred genre, select a pattern, and press the play button
  • Finger drumming: 16 velocity sensitive pads and plenty of sounds
  • Optional pedal switch enables control over pattern changes, fill-ins, and start/stop functions at your feet
  • Headphone/line-out jack is available for external audio output
  • Newly developed speaker system and Acoustage Bass technology
  • 2-way power supply specification: the KR-11 can be powered using either the AC adaptor or 4 x AA alkaline batteries

There are nine different genres with 14 variations in each, for a total of 126 distinct patterns, plus 14 slots where users can save their own patterns.

In addition to fundamental patterns like 8-beat and 16-beat, the KR-11 features specific styles like ‘’’Blues/R&B,’ and ‘’Country’ tailored for guitarists and ‘Island’ for ukulele. Beside three-beat patterns the KR-11 also features more intricate five- and seven-beat patterns. The swing function adds versatility to each pattern, expanding the range of variations.

Basic finger drumming can be achieved with the sixteen velocity-sensitive pads.

Battery powered with a built-in speaker it means mobile musicians don’t need lots of additional gear to set up a simple jamming rig. The newly developed speaker system is compact yet powerful, delivering a wide sound range and natural resonance. Additionally, the Acoustage Bass technology helps reproduce the deep bass sound of bass drums.

There’s a built-in metronome plus audio connectivity for when you’re wanting to hook up to other equipment.


Rbythm Genres: 8 Beat, 16 Beat, Country, Island, Rock, Blues/R&B, Jazz/Latin, EDM, 3/5/7, Metronome and User
Jacks: Headphones/line out jack, FOOT SW 1 jack, FOOT SW 2 jack, DC 9V jack
Power supply: Four AA-size alkaline batteries (sold separately) or AC adapter (DC 9 V, sold separately)
Battery life: Approx. 18 hours (varies depending on the batteries used and on the conditions of use)
Current consumption: 1300 mA (peak value)
Dimensions (W × D × H): 160 × 115 × 44 mm/6.30″ × 4.53″ × 1.73″
Weight: 279 g/0.62 lb (not including batteries)
Included items: Quick Start Guide
Accessories (sold separately): AC adapter (DC 9V, Center Plus), pedal switch (PS-1, PS-3)

Price and availability to be confirmed.