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Roland announces DP-990 digital piano

Roland has announced the new DP-990 digital piano, a sophisticated addition to their product line-up offering “amazing sounds and touch”.

It features Roland’s PHA II weighted keyboard with Escapement, which yields a heavier touch in the low range and lighter touch in the upper. It also provides lighter resistance for pianissimo passages and stronger resistance for fortissimo.

Each of the 88 keys features individual multi-samples, and a number of options are available which let the player design their perfect piano sound, by adjusting Damper, Strings and Key-off resonance.


An onboard USB port provides add-on functionality to the DP-990. You can play along with audio files or Standard MIDI files directly from the USB memory key, or layer pre-recorded music with your performances by connecting an optional USB CD drive.

For quick and easy playback the DP-990 comes equipped with a Roland Audio Port which allows you to connect an iPod or any portable music player for play along fun.

More detailed specs:

Touch Sensitivity: 5 levels, Fixed Touch
Hammer Response: 10 levels
Keyboard Mode: Whole, Dual (volume balance adjustable), Split (split point adjustable), Twin Piano
Conforms to GM2/GS/XG Lite
Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices
Tones: 306 tones (including 8 drum sets, SFX set)
Temperament: 8 types, selectable tonic
Stretched Tuning
Effects: 3D (4 levels), Dynamics (3 types), Reverb (10 levels), Damper Resonance (only for piano tones, 10 levels), Key Off Resonance (only for piano tones, 10 levels), String Resonance (only for piano tones, 10 levels)
3-track recorder with approx. 30,000 notes storage
Rated Power Output: 12W x 2
Speakers: 12cm x 2
Pedals: Damper (half-pedal recognition), Soft (half-pedal recognition, Function assignable), Sostenuto (Function assignable)

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