Have you ever wondered exactly what makes up good piano playing technique? What sets apart the virtuoso pianist from the mere mortal? Or why some pianists develop injuries? Researchers from the University of Southampton are hoping to answer some of those questions as they set to discover the mechanics of […]

Science of piano playing to be revealed with 3D mapping ...

Standard musical notation might at first look confusing, but really it’s very logical. This guide will help you to read, interpret and play all but the most complicated printed music. How to label and write notes on the piano keyboard: a basic guide Staves and Clefs The foundation of music […]

How to read printed music: a basic primer for pianists ...

A new “bite splint”, which is operated by placing it in the mouth, could make it possible for those without use of their legs/feet to control the damper (sustain) pedal on a piano. For more than 20 years, there have been electromagnetic pedal controls for paraplegic pianists – mostly accident […]

New bite splint allows paraplegics to control piano damper pedal

So, you’ve been asked to accompany the carol singing at your local school, church, social club, in the community, or even on the streets? Here are ten tips to ensure you’re prepared and confident for the big day. 1. Be prepared Most people like to know well in advance exactly […]

Christmas carol concert: ten tips for preparing pianists