Hidden “Pelle’s Mode” synth in NordLead

Nord Lead "Pelle's Mode"

Nord Lead “Pelle’s Mode”

Anyone lucky enough to own one of Clavia’s wonderful NordLead or NordRack instruments (original or ‘2’ models, not ‘2X’ ones) might be interested to know of a particular “hidden synth” mode.

Apparently it’s been a rumour/possible hoax for quite some time, but it’s been found by a writer in the Clavia user archives.

Firstly, an apology that I don’t know who wrote this, when it was discovered or published, or whether it works. There are a lot of sound files and a video on the web page in question. If you want to experiment, go ahead.

The page tells you how to enter the so-called “Pelle’s Mode”. If you aren’t familiar with the instruments then it won’t mean much to you.

Anyone tried this? What do you reckon?

A Hidden Synth into the NordLead – Pelle’s Mode