Interactive iPad piano keyboard case in development

ipad-case-keyboard-miseluWith so many iPad music creation apps available, it would be nice to have something physical to play notes on. While it is possible to hook up external keyboard controllers, how about this product — still in development — which combines a protective case and a musical keyboard.

The C.24 is a two-octave wireless keyboard controller and case. The device will send MIDI data to the iPad for use by whatever compatible apps are installed and running.

As well as the mini keys there’s also a capacitive analogue strip, divided into two and with display LEDs. The right-hand side of the strip is used to control pitch bend while the left-hand side is divided into eight virtual buttons that can control such elements as octave shift and effects like modulation. The developing company, Miselu, has also created an open standards interface which means that other devices could be added for further control. There’s a space above the existing keyboard for such devices such as faders and knobs to be housed.

Donating $99 to the Kickstarter project will guarantee you one of the first devices, expected to be ready to ship in November.

Check out the company’s promo video below which explains the key concepts.

There’s also a longer video (around 16 minutes) in which VP of design, Mike Prichard, talks about the design process.