M-Audio Vocal Studio
M-Audio has announced its Vocal Studio, a complete recording system for PC or Mac, featuring the Producer USB microphone and Ignite music creation software. Key features of the Producer USB microphone are: 16-bit recording at CD quality and beyond—44.1 or 48 kHz Large 16mm cardioid capsule protected by wire mesh […]

M-Audio Vocal Studio launched

M-Audio Nova microphone
M-Audio has announced its Nova large-diaphragm condenser microphone, offering the following features: 1.1-inch gold-sputtered diaphragm for exceptional transient detail Cardioid polar pattern helps isolate the desired sound source Perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments requiring exceptional detail Durable, solid brass body with rugged protective basket Class A solid-state electronics provide […]

M-Audio Nova condenser microphone

M-Audio Pulsar II microphone
M-Audio has unveiled its Pulsar II small-diaphragm condenser microphone, which come as a pair for clinically-accurate stereo recordings. Features include: Small-diaphragm design provides exceptional detail & easy placement Ideal for percussion, acoustic instruments & ambient recordings Durable, solid brass body with internal shockmount Switchable 10 dB pad & high-pass filter […]

M-Audio Pulsar II small-diaphragm condenser microphone

M-Audio Sputnik microphone
M-Audio has shown off its Sputnik large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone. Main features include: Vacuum tube signal path combines vintage warmth & modern clarity 1-inch gold-sputtered diaphragm for exceptional transient detail Hand-selected 6205M vacuum tube Selectable polar patterns offer real-world versatility (Cardioid, Fig-8, Omni) Switchable 10 dB pad & high-pass filter […]

M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser microphone

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32
Alongside the three Axiom AIR USB controller keyboards comes M-Audio’s Axiom AIR Mini 32, a more portable keyboard controller ideal for music creation on the move. It features 32 low-profile keys with velocity but no aftertouch, eight assignable trigger pads, sustain, pitch and modulation buttons, an octave shift button, and […]

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 portable USB pad/keyboard controller

M-Audio Axiom Air 61
M-Audio has introduced a trio of new USB pad/keyboard controllers – the Axiom AIR series. Available in 25, 49 and 61-key versions, they also feature a range of illuminated trigger pads, knobs, faders and transport/navigation buttons. The 25 and 49 key models have synth-style keys, where the 61-key model features […]

M-Audio Axiom AIR USB Pad/Keyboard Controller

M-Audio M-Track Quad
Alongside their M-Track Eight comes a four track USB audio and MIDI interface from M-Audio. Features include: Efficient desktop design offering up to 24-bit/96 kHz resolution 4 XLR+1/4? combo inputs accommodate any source Selectable phantom power and guitar-level switching 1/4” balanced outs; monitor (1, 2) with level; fixed (3,4) 4 […]

M-Audio M-Track Quad revealed

M-Audio M-Track Eight
M-Audio has announced its M-Track Eight 8-channel USB audio interface. Features include: High headroom inputs with Octane Preamp Technology Up to 24/96 kHz resolution 8 XLR + 1/4″ combo inputs with individual metering Dual headphone outs with selectable source (1/2 or 3/4) 8 balanced 1/4″ outputs USB/Analog Direct Balance control […]

M-Audio M-Track Eight revealed

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
M-Audio has unveiled its Trigger Finger Pro USB controller with step sequencer. Its main features are: Includes the M-Audio Arsenal; 8+ GB of instruments, one-shots, loops & more Built-in step sequencer for building jaw-dropping grooves 16 ultra-responsive pads with illuminated RGB feedback Customizable, backlit controls with instant automapping High-resolution display […]

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro revealed

Casio WK-7600
Casio has shown off its latest WK-7600 workstation, featuring a 76-key piano-style keyboard, 64-note polyphony, 820 tones, 260 rhythms, DSP effects, pattern sequencer, equaliser, rhythm editor and 17-track song sequencer. It also features a host of controllers, including pitch bend and a number of sliders, for easy control of various […]

Casio WK-7600 revealed

Casio CTK-7200
Casio has shown off its CTK-7200 portable keyboard, a five-octave (61-key) piano style keyboard featuring a range of controllers to make it easier to shape sounds, effects and mixes. It has a pretty decent 64-note polyphony and uses Casio’s Tri-element AHL sound generation system. There are 820 built-in tones, which […]

Casio CTK-7200 unveiled

Yamaha P-255
Yamaha has updated its Yamaha P Series of digital pianos with the P-255. Yamaha suggests it has a more authentic piano sound and feel than before. It’s highly portable and can also be used with matching stand and three-pedal accessory, making it great for both on-the-move and in the home. […]

Yamaha P-255 digital piano revealed

Korg DS-DAC-100m
Alongside Korg’s new curvaceous DS-DAC-100 comes the compact DS-DAC-100m, a mobile digital/analog converter audio system designed to be used for high quality sound on the move. It’s about the same size as a portable hard drive and offers the same great sound as its bigger brother. Features: Compact Design AudioGate […]

Korg DS-DAC-100m mobile digital/analog audio solution

Korg DS-DAC-100
OK, so there’s a lot of letters in DS-DAC-100, but all you really need to know is that it’s Korg’s latest 1-bit digital-analog converter. Korg boasts the unit has both beautiful sound and design. It features AudioGate 3, realtime DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Fconversion, native DSD playback of 2.8224 MHz […]

Korg DS-DAC-100 1-bit USB digital/analog converter

Korg Gadget
Korg has announced its “all-in-one music production studio” for the iPad. In 2010, Korg launched the iELECTRIBE alongside the first iPad. Now, Korg offers Korg Gadget – a single package for your iPad. Korg Gadget offers 15 compact synths and drum machines, and the interface is designed both to make […]

Korg Gadget: 15 synths and drum machines on iPad

Korg taktile
Korg has announced the availability of its new taktile USB controller keyboard. Based on the same design as the new TRITON taktile, but without the TRITON sounds, this is an ideal keyboard for those who want a versatile controller without need of the sounds. Available in two keyboard sizes (two […]

Korg taktile USB controller keyboard

Korg TRITON taktile
Korg has announced its new TRITON taktile USB controller keyboard synthesizer, available in two sizes, which offers an attractive and versatile controller instrument with over 500 sounds from the Korg TRITON. The two and four octave models are stylishly designed with touch sensitive semi-weighted keys, a range of DAW presets, […]

Korg TRITON taktile USB controller keyboard/synth

Korg MS-20 kit
Synth connoisseurs with a geek mentality have been circuit bending electronic instruments and creating custom modifications for some time, but it’s highly unusual for a large manufacturer to offer a synth in kit form. Yet that’s exactly what Korg has done with the launch of a kit form of its […]

Korg MS-20 kit unveiled

Korg RK-100S keytar
Despite the fact it hasn’t been the 1980s now for 25 years, the keytar remains strangely fashionable. Of course it’s had a serious makeover since, with the latest synth technology crammed into its mobile guitar-esque body. Alongside Roland’s AX Synth and Lucina AX-09 comes Korg’s RX-100S Keytar. The original RK-100 […]

Korg RK-100S Keytar unveiled

Casio XW-H1 headphones
Complementing the Casio XW-J1 DJ controller, Casio has unveiled its latest tough performance XW-H1 headphones. Designed for the on-the-go professional DJs and music enthusiasts, the headphones are tough, lightweight, and combine high audio fidelity with superb usability. The headphones provide balanced, clear sound and were designed by audiophiles to reproduce […]

Casio XW-H1 headphones

Casio XW-J1
Casio has announced its new XW-J1 DJ controller, an all-in-one VJ/DJ controller for creating remixes of audio and video from music players, smartphones, and PCs that supports OS X, iOS, and Windows platforms. Musicians can mix music using the djay app, transforming their Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into […]

Casio XW-J1 DJ controller unveiled

Following our report that Yamaha has updated its Disklavier Education Network comes Casio’s announcement that it will be championing musical education across US schools and colleges. First up, educators attending the 2014 NAMM event can register to win their own Privia PX-350 digital piano, meet the Casio team and pick […]

Casio championing new musical education initiative

Casio has launched its CTK-6250 workstation keyboard. It’s a similar specification to the CTK-6200 and updates the CTK-6000. It features a piano-style touch response 61-key keyboard (unusual in this keyboard size range), 16-track song sequencer, tone editor, rhythm editor, multiple digital effects, 32-channel mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, […]

Casio CTK-6250 launched

Casio has launched the CTK-6200 workstation, an update to its CTK-6000. It features a piano-style touch response 61-key keyboard (unusual in this keyboard size range), 16-track song sequencer, tone editor, rhythm editor, multiple digital effects, 32-channel mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage, pitch bend wheel, backlit […]

Casio CTK-6200 launched

Casio WK-6600
Casio has launched the WK-6600 workstation, an update to its WK-6500. It features a piano-style touch response 76-key keyboard, 16-track song sequencer, tone editor, rhythm editor, multiple digital effects, 32-channel mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage, pitch bend wheel, backlit display, music presets and 670 individual […]

Casio WK-6600 launched

Chordana Viewer
Casio has launched Chordana Tap and Chordana Viewer, two new apps designed for all current iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Chordana is Casio’s own music analysis technology, and the apps harness this by detecting musical chord progressions through analysis of the frequency characteristics and temporal changes of an […]

Casio Chordana Tap and Viewer iOS Apps

Nord Lead A1
Nord has announced its latest analog modelling synthesizer, the Lead A1. Designed to suit a wide variety of musical styles, it claims to have a simpler interface which encourages experimentation and allows faster programming. Key features include: Oscillators: 8 oscillator configuration with Pitch, Detune, Shape, Sync, AM, Noise, Dual Osc, […]

Nord Lead A1 Analog Modelling Synthesizer

Diginoiz Piano Resource 2
Diginoiz has announced its rather unassuming sequel of loops, Piano Resource 2, is now available to purchase. “Uncompromising, melodic, great sounding piano loops and midi files ready to be used in Your soft or hardware Thanks to Midi files Your creativity is unlimited, You are able to change notes, switch […]

Diginoiz Piano Resource 2 loops released

Last year we posted a video purportedly of Mario Balotelli playing the piano, which we called out as fake. Now another footballer is causing a YouTube stir for apparently playing a version of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”. Brazilian footballer Neymar is apparently playing this piano, but as […]

Brazilian footballer Neymar playing piano?

Just before NAMM13, Yamaha launched the Disklavier Network and now, just before NAMM14 the company has announced its Disklavier Education Network First Audition Programme. The Disklavier concept is now 25 years old, and is used in many music schools and other educational establishments in order to allow students to practice […]

Yamaha Disklavier Education Network (DEN) launches

Roland ME-80 multi effect unit
We don’t cover guitar gear very often here (although we have provided details on how to tune a guitar to a piano or keyboard) but as we’re focusing on Roland’s latest workstations and digital pianos we thought it only fair to give guitarists a look in. Enter the Roland ME-80, […]

Roland ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects revealed

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module
Acoustic drums are versatile and authentic, and many drummers wouldn’t contemplate using a complete electronic rig. That said, there’s sometimes room for expanding repertoire by using triggers to augment playing with digital sounds and effects. Other musicians in a band can have some control over this, but when the drummer […]

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module revealed

Roland HPi-50e
Roland has shown off seven new digital pianos in several series. HP508/HP506/HP504 Roland updates its HP500 series (from the HP-503, HP-505 and HP-507) with the introduction of three new models. As is the norm, higher-numbered models in a series have more features. Here are the main features: SuperNATURAL sound PHA-4 […]

Roland digital piano series unveiled: HP, DP, HPi, LX

AIRA logo
Roland has posted the first of a number of resources (possibly videos) teasing viewers about something it’s calling “AIRA”. The first video briefly discusses the development of the TR-808 in the early 1980s (including the classic, erroneous, dialog “At that time, electronic music and dance did not yet exist”): At […]

Roland AIRA teaser

Roland RD-800
Roland has updated its RD line of digital stage pianos with the introduction of the RD-800. Roland claims the RD-800 not only has a new, sleek look but also “many improvements in sound, feel, and versatility”. Sound-wise, Roland has added more acoustic piano samples, plus authentic vintage electric pianos, organs, […]

Roland RD-800 Stage Piano revealed

Roland FA-08
Preempting NAMM 2014, Roland has announced its new breed of music workstation. The FA Series, available in 61-key (FA-06) and 88-key (FA-08) models, is naturally being talked up by Roland, with hyped statements such as “taking the ‘work’ out of the music workstation”, “completely reimagines”, “effortless real-time power”, “ultra-fast workflow”, […]

Roland FA-06/FA-08 Music Workstation revealed

Have you ever sat at a highly polished grand piano and looked at your hands reflected in the lacquered board in front of you? Or seen yourself reflected as you play? MirrorFugue is a collaborative project between Chinese pianist Xiao Xiao and the MIT Media Lab which offers pianists an […]

MirrorFugue: Piano reflection system

Steinway grand piano at the Jersey Opera House
The Steinway grand piano installed in the Jersey Opera House is finally going to be restored, after a decade of fundraising plus a one-off £10,000 donation. The piano was bought second-hand and although it is constantly used by local and touring groups, it really needs some work to bring it […]

Jersey Opera House Steinway grand piano to be restored

Teenager Ryan Green missed out on a place in The Voice UK after he failed to secure a single vote from the four-strong judging panel at the first blind audition in the BBC’s reality show. The judges seemed torn, and due to not being able to see the 16-year-old, hadn’t […]

Pianist Ryan Green, 16, exits The Voice UK without a ...

Jazz pianist Jamie Cullum has visited the Camden-based piano shop Heckscher & Company as part of a BBC radio documentary in which he learns about the history of the area. As was common in many cities, a huge number of piano makers had set up in the London area in […]

Jamie Cullum visits Camden piano shop for BBC radio documentary